Tocardo T3


The Tocardo T3 turbine is an uprated and optimised T2 design boasting double the power than its previous generation. 

Major improvement areas include:

Passive Pitch
Game-changing patented innovation allowing the force of the tide to twist the blade relative to the incoming flow. This eliminates the need for complex, expensive and unreliable active pitch systems, such as those used by competitors. Pitching drastically reduces the forces induced allowing for the blade swept area and power to be doubled without increasing loads.

Generator upgrades
Following eight years’ testing of five T2 turbines on the Eastern Scheldt project, the generator design has been optimised to increase power with limited changes to the turbine dimensions.

Control system
Optimised to allow for greater power generation across all flow speeds and increased operational range. This reduces and, in some cases, eliminates turbine cutout.

Power electronics
Upgraded to provide better efficiency across full operational range.

Mass Manufacture
Working with our supply chain partners, turbine components have been designed to maximise cost reduction in association with mass manufacture and global project logistics.