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The HydroWing technology was conceived through our teams unrivalled experience and lessons learnt devising, optimising and executing installation and O&M strategies for many of the sectors past and current developers.


HydroWing News


Successful site visit to Capul, Philippines

The Inyanga Marine Energy Group team recently  travelled to the remote off-grid island of Capul in the Philippines to visit the site of the planned HydroWing tidal energy installation. This...
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Inyanga takes part in pioneering project to harvest earth observation data for offshore renewable energy

Inyanga Marine Energy Group is one of seven European partners, including offshore renewable energy and Earth Observation specialists, which have teamed up for the BLUE-X project. Together, they will develop...

Plans announced for the first tidal energy plant in Southeast Asia

Energies PH, Inc, through its affiliate San Bernardino Ocean Power Corporation, has contracted with Inyanga Marine Energy Group to build Southeast Asia’s first ever tidal power generation plant. The site...